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Lilith de Striga


Now, gentle reader, allow me to introduce the protagonist of our story. Lilith de Nemo was once of a respected line, but now she is de Nemo, “of nobody.” Her family, the de Magi line, were powerful sorcerers with command over the elements. They were businessmen, and had thrived under the reign of King Adelbern. Adelbern is not of the line of Thorn. Rather, he married into the royal family, and his bride died under mysterious circumstances soon after the birth of their son Rurik, which cemented Adelbern’s claim to the throne.

Adelbern believed in good business. He opened up negotiations with Orr and even hated Kryta, withdrawing Ascalon from the Guild Wars. For twenty years he focused on rebuilding Ascalon’s wealth and pillaging the Charr to the north for the wealth they had accumulated during the Guild Wars, which was, for them, a time of peace and prosperity much…

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