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Dark Matters a Lot

10-5-13 Weather310-5-13 Weather210-5-13 Weather

Lots of data points on there but it appears to me those theoretical strings are winding their way along that path and possibly interacting with Doppler stations (KXXX Pins).  Maybe we are already doing a crude job of controlling the weather?  Dark Energy appears to be ATTRACTED to sources of energy.  All of those spawned tornadoes in Iowa and Nebraska are just the quantum decoherence as the strings decay through and above.  Sioux Falls was near the center of that cyclonic disturbance and had sinkholes just open and continue to grow… It appears to me we live on a Brane Guys and are caught in the decaying quantum crossfire.  Air and water vapor alone cannot do this guys. Once dark energy ionizes and creates/condenses water vapor it actually removes entropy from the ice creating the beautiful low entropy snowflakes.



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Posted October 6, 2013 by Stormcaller Nicola Livingston in Uncategorized

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