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Its been a while since I last blogged about the Living Story in Guild Wars, so I wanted to get back in to it. I left off at the end of the Southsun section of the Living Story, now neatly(ish) wrapped up. Where did it go next? Well, Tyria experienced something of a steampunk pirate revolution.


Sky Pirates of Tyria:

I mentioned the Dragon Bash in my last Living Story blog, which was predominantly focused around Dragon Bash themed achievements and activities. What the Dragon Bash ushered in for the longer term was what was to become the overarching Living Story enemy – the Aetherblades.

The story of the Dragon Bash, which I mentioned briefly before, was essentially the festival getting attacked by the Aetherblades and you have to fix it. That hit a real bad note for me, with a lame plot device (which has already been re-used during…

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